video calls

President Trump and health officials have told Americans to practice “social distancing” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The purpose is to stop or slow down the spread of the disease, which is known to be very contagious. Trump has urged Americans to avoid unnecessary travel and to limit gatherings to fewer than ten people. During a time when many Americans are spending more time alone or in their homes, it’s essential to find other ways to stay connected and keep busy. Here are five ways to survive social distancing.

Phone calls

In our digital world, it can often be easier to text or email someone rather than getting on the phone. If you have some free time or are spending a lot of time at home, a long phone call to a loved one can be a good way to survive social distancing and reconnect.

Write a Letter

Getting a letter might mean a lot to someone, so why not take the time to write one yourself? The U.S. Postal Service is still functioning normally, as are FedEx and UPS. The only exception is for packages to or from Mainland China.

Video Chat

Sometimes it’s nice to see a familiar face and catch-up in real-time. You can video chat using Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or several other video chat services for free. If you haven’t seen the grandkids or friends in a while, schedule a time to say hello face to face – just make sure you have a good WiFi connection.


If now isn’t the time to break out that 1,000-page novel you’ve “always wanted to read,” then when is? Even better, you can start an informal book club in your house or include those farther away by discussing over the phone. Learning new things is a good way to keep your brain sharp in retirement and keep in touch with others when social distancing.

All Those Things Around the House You Never Have Time To Do

Never have time to vacuum? Well, now you do. It’s almost spring, so why not start spring cleaning a bit early? If you’re stuck in your home, you might as well make the most of your time by tackling projects like leaky faucets and dusty rooms.

It’s easy to become bored if you’re social distancing. There are no longer outings to restaurants, bars, or large gatherings. But, there are ways to occupy your time other than watching TV. Check out our blogs for more content on low interest rates, market volatility, and your retirement so you can stay up to date.