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The Basics of Retirement Investing: A Word From Your Presenter, Charisse Rivers

The Little Red Book of RetirementWhen many people think about retirement, they think about an age (such as 65). Or maybe you’ve seen the ads on TV asking “what’s your number?” A successful retirement plan cannot be as simple as deciding on these two figures. Creating a financial plan is a great place to start, but understand that a financial plan is also simply a coordinated set of figures on pieces of paper. Without considering a myriad of variables, updating your plan as things change, and implementing your planned steps properly, you may find your plan is worth the proverbial “pieces of paper” it’s printed on.

Additionally, the most fulfilled retirees are not necessarily the people with the most “zeroes” on their bank account or brokerage statements. Success in life can often be in direct relationship to the “balance” someone has in their life. There is a balance to be obtained amongst your investment categories, and balance can be attained with your cash flow, growth potential, security, and liquidity. Have you examined health care, long-term care, or longevity questions? Where should you live when you retire, what purposeful work will you perform, and what will you do besides travel and golf?

The primary purpose of this book is to help you identify many of the issues facing retirees and pre-retirees. In my experience, sometimes retirees’ lives can be turned upside down because they did NOT address one or two of the topics listed within this book. Use this book instead to help you plan for and live out your best retirement possible.

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