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Don’t Forget About Healthcare When Planning for Retirement

With financial concerns consuming people’s minds day in and day out, it sometimes causes them to miss (or consider skipping) doctor’s appointments, even when they needed some sort of care. According to a survey from Merrill Lynch and Age Wave, people age 65 and older ranked “health” as their greatest worry. As the cost of healthcare

Keep An Eye On Your Expenses and Retirement Budget

According to the Nationwide Retirement Institute, for those working at age 50 and older, 44% of them believe that their living expenses will stay the same once they leave the workforce. And, interestingly enough, approximately 34% expect their living expenses to decrease, while 22% believe they’ll go up. You most likely can expect things like


Check out Charisse’s latest article, The Biggest Retirement Mistake Of My Life, published in Forbes. It’s a great client story that you may find some similarities within based on your own personal financial situation. Also, Charisse shares her 5 helpful questions to ask when searching for a financial professional. Read More…

Maximize Your Leisure Time in Retirement

It’s not surprising that, according to the American Time Use Survey, retirees enjoy 7-8 hours of leisure time per day. Your newfound free time in retirement is equivalent to a traditional workday in the office. Only, you might be able to squeeze in a few more naps and hours of television than you could when

Don’t Forget About Healthcare In Your Retirement Plan

According to a recent analysis by Fidelity Investments, a couple retiring at age 65 this year could end up paying $280,000 on medical care in retirement. While this estimate is over a roughly two decade period, it does not include prices for dental care, long-term care, and over-the-counter drugs. And, as Americans are living longer,

Don’t Forget Your Retirement Planning Basics

In the olden days, retirement planning used to be much easier. You worked hard and for long enough to be eligible for a pension, saved a little along the way, and were well taken care of by the government. Nowadays, retirements last longer than ever and many Americans are struggling to save enough in order

What Role Does Social Security Play in Your Retirement Strategy?

More than likely, Social Security will represent a portion of your monthly retirement income. But, how big of a role will it play in your overall retirement strategy? According to a recent survey performed by The NHP Foundation, 62% of retirees who’ve created a budget stated that Social Security income will contribute to at least


April Fool’s Day is celebrated every year on April 1st by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes with your family and friends. What was your favorite prank to play as a kid? Maybe you tied your siblings shoe laces together, put a fake spider in the shower, or blasted the volume on the stereo to scare

3 Tips to Find Your “Pot O’ Gold” in Retirement

If you’re like most people, whether or not you have an Irish heritage, you likely took part in some sort of Saint Patrick’s Day festivities over the weekend. Perhaps you made a corned beef and cabbage dinner, sipped on a glass of Jameson whisky, or maybe you caught some of the local parade on TV.

What Does an Extra Hour of Daylight Mean for Your Retirement?

Winter is now coming to a close, and spring isn’t too far off in the distance. Over the weekend, we moved the clocks forward for daylight savings time. Although you may have lost an hour of sleep, you can’t argue with having those extra hours of daylight. Whether you’re approaching retirement or already retired, most